Tenderness is a state of being, a frequency of acceptance and generosity. It is the magic wand that allows us to unwind, connect and express ourselves.

Tenderness knows no boundaries but we often forget about it and deny ourselves from feeling that way – what a shame! In a world that fosters anger, tenderness is belittled; derided as undeserving and corny. Isn’t this what we’re being taught?

Tenderness is gentle but mighty, strong enough to seep through toughness. The more it awakens, the more we connect with our body – and this generates loud and clear signals that are impossible to ignore.

Tenderness is not guaranteed, it needs to be reinvigorated and practiced. My own vision of tenderness involves the sea, with my body soothed by the sun’s warm rays while floating on the tranquil waters. But tenderness could exist in any moment, as long as we seek it – it’s just there.

When you recognize the feeling and when you are able to communicate it with yourself, you are also able to accept it as well as to express it to the ones you want. I propose to become familiar again with tenderness – and then a whole new world will open up.

Life is so serious without tenderness.

Olga Stefatou
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