Rapture is a word that defines happiness of the most profound nature. It’s not merely happiness but a feeling of contentment. A moment where you feel like you have it all. You experience satisfaction. You feel, in that particular moment, like this is it. You don’t need anything more. Life is beautiful. Rapturous.

Rapture is the feeling I experienced when one day I ran home laughing in the rain, without having a care for the world-whether my expensive shoes will get wet or whether my phone is safely tucked away or not. Rapture is the feeling I felt when I danced alone on the terrace without any concern about who would be watching from their windows.

Rapture is the feeling I get when I realizee in a particular moment, that I am the happiest when I am by myself because I do not have to pretend to be someone else then. I do not have to follow society’s rules because in that moment, I am all alone. There’s no one who’s watching or judging me. I am one hundred percent completely and unapologetically myself. That’s rapture.

Urvashi Umrao
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