Uncertainty is a bridge. A space in between. A moment in time when I am connected to the deepest mystery of life. The mystery that holds the greatest link to all that is sacred — my breath, my time, the relation with myself and life. It feels both agonizing and all-embracing and it requires my surrender and my response. Uncertainty is an elusive openness. The kind of openness that demands practice and absolute trust.

It’s devouring and isolating stillness yet it connects me with multiple dimensions in space and time. It is a paradox of familiar and unknown energies that intertwine to create a spark of potential for a new life. A space where we are invited to pave pathways of clarity while sitting with a palpable discomfort of uncertainty.

It is a medicine that ebbs and flows during many stages of our evolutionary growth, teaching us that no matter how safe knowing might feel, uncertainty is the continuing truth of all that is.

Vanja Vukelić
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