Triumph is a cheese and pickle sandwich, after swimming in the lake. Delighted by taste, as you dry off in the sunshine.

It’s the palpable heat of that pristine, beaming light in Berlin, when you are welcoming the return of April’s Spring.

It’s a bath at the end of a long day that was spent in nature, it’s slipping into fresh bedsheets and still feeling the warmth of daylight on your skin.

It’s a full bodied yawn, your grandmother’s lavender oil on your pillow and a deep breath to inhale. Exhale.

Triumph is the jubilant smell of a new cycle blooming and blossoming on every street corner, despite the ravaging of Winter’s past and suburban intervention.

It’s learning to love saying the word no.

It’s realizing that there is a life, after your depression diagnosis, when you no longer identify with that illness.

It’s a turning point, upon discovering that should we moments, can instead transform into do I need to moments.

Triumph is cherishing your intuition always.

It’s the privilege of reflection. It’s learning how to unlearn the experiences that we have overcome, along the way.

It’s an elderflower spritz in the summer time and a belly laugh with your loved ones that has you doubled over in stitches…

It’s raised glasses and a victorious cheers! in unison!

It’s embracing joy! When it spontaneously appears, when you can finally seize it, feel it and treasure the moment forever.

Triumph is the beauty of being. It is daily and it is living.

Elise Mireille
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