Resilience is the ability to overcome psychological and physical shocks. One of the very first stages of resilience is acceptance. It is important to understand and integrate trauma you’ve lived through and make it a strengthening experience.

Denying what we have lived will not make us stronger. On the contrary, by this negation we leave a scratch in our hearts. We have to know how to let go and accept misfortune just the way it is. Along with being aware that no end is final.

This acceptance will also make it easier to regain control of the events, look back at what happened, to turn it into an experience. And emerge even stronger than before. It is believed that life follows the same principles everywhere. For me, it is the definition of Resilience and one of the most relevant parts of life.

Finally, Resilience is one of the most beautiful things I know. It helps us become who we really are, it builds us. You just have to listen to it and let it help you develop your true self.

Marine Billet
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