Power is woman’s unquantifiable strength, the impalpable greatness, a force irradiating her body and soul. It is her spirit, her small breasts, her big breasts, her operated breasts, her confidence, her uterus or no uterus, her bravery, her empathy, her convictions. Her whole being is power.

It is also the ability to always go forward, ready to try new things and take up challenges. The deep desire of self-achievement.

Power means acting confidently, following own values, being able to put yourself at the forefront and express your ambitions. For such a long time in our history, the power of women has been hindered, forbidden or fought. And this is an even greater proof of female force.

During all that time, women were able to evolve and find new ways of expressing their potential. They have become the masters of their lives by fighting the stereotypes and asserting their beliefs. Still, there are times when powerful women are considered too bossy, too strict, too daunting.

Power is a key to woman’s freedom. The freedom to be whoever she wants to be, the freedom to influence the society. And it’s an everyday fight.

Marie Bongars
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