Fulfillment is a combination of experiences. It’s never the same but most of the times it is a change of temperature, a kettle making lots of bubbles because it’s about to get the water boiling. Sometimes I feel it’s just a weight left behind, because I have been pressuring myself for so long, telling myself in an intermittent way “you can do this – you will never make it”.

So after running this super long and bumpy marathon, when fulfillment eventually arrives, it’s almost unbelievable. It warms my heart and soul and I can do anything but smile (and maybe get a treat too!)

They say it is important to finish what you have started but I believe you should continue up to the point when you actually feel fulfilled because you just did what you really wanted to. Sometimes getting there might take just a minute, sometimes months and sometimes it’s a lifelong journey. At times just the taste of the whole pie can keep me going until I get there.

Just a reminder for myself that I hope will work for you too: keep going.

Genie Spinosa
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