Anger is a white-hot emotion that crawls under your skin and stays there, if you let it.

Anger is the way that tears sting your cheeks, the way your words crack like ice, the way your hands grip like wildfire.

Anger is the quiet friend that takes your hand and leads you down a flaming, scorched path. This friend might seem lovely, but he holds a knife behind his back.

Anger is the broken glass and the mess in your kitchen. It’s that silent, yet thundering, emotion that creeps its way in, when you least expect it.

Anger is violence, anger is words, anger is feelings.

Anger is powerful, and sobering, and all-encompassing. Anger is beautiful, and dark, and always something different.

Anger destroys, and anger builds up, and anger takes away. Anger gives, and anger breaks, and anger creates things that are new.

Anger is not always something to run from. It is not always bad.

Anger can be empowering, and life-giving, and renewing.

Anger can breathe new life into situations of darkness.

Anger is something to be felt.

Anger is something to embrace.

Savannah Lee Simmons
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