The dictionary of female feelings

The Dictionary of Female Feelings was created in response to the growing need for empathy and profound communication. It was imagined as a resource, a point of reference. For those who search to identify, for those who are willing to listen.

It is an invitation to explore definitions of diverse feelings as perceived by beautiful, creative women from all around the world. An invitation that hopes to inspire individual quests for self-discovery. Since our relations with people around us are often determined by the relationship we have with ourselves, we believe in growing empathy by defining our very own feelings first.

It is essential because we are living in a world where individual perspectives deemed uncomfortable or different can be easily denied or undermined by those in power. It means that equality founded on tolerance is not enough as some will always be left in insecure positions. What we should strive for is equality made of deep respect and understanding.

This dictionary is an attempt to express the beauty and complexity of female psyche. It aims to prove the strength that derives from the close relationship we can have with our vulnerabilities. Eventually, it looks to nourish bonds of solidarity between people that often stem from collective experiences. We believe that path to self-acceptance and openness leads through admitting our shared sensitivities and embracing the emotional diversity that surrounds us.

This is a challenge of empathy our eyes and hearts can no longer ignore.